Optimum <br/>Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Optimum <br/>Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
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Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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It is a fully automatic digital blood pressure measuring device for use by adults on the upper arm at home or office. It enables very fast and reliable measurement of systolic and diatolic blood pressure as well as pulse through the oscillometric method. This device offers clinically proven accuracy and has been designed to be user friendly.


  • Voice broadcast function (Visually impact recommended to use).
  • Operate the device with one button (Just one key to finish the whole measurement).
  • Support the measurement results average function.
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery.
  • With 99 groups memory.
  • With a charging indicator.
  • Cuff and main unit integrated as one part.
  • With blood pressure result indicator.
  • Automatically detect and provide proper pressure in the cuff
 Product Specification
  • Brand : Optimum
  • Function : Voice broadcast, background music, WHO function in voice, Intelligent pressure controlIP21, Memory record system
  • Color : White
  • Size : 139mm(W) x 71mm(L) x 33mm(H)
  • Display size :  49mm x 24mm
  • Cuff : Wide range rigid cuff 9.06" - 14.2" (23 - 36 cm)
  • Certification : CE, ROHS
  • Materials : ABS material
  • Power source : Built-in high capacity lithium battery-750 mAh
  • Measuring method : Oscillometric
  • Mode of operation : Continuous
  • Measurement range: BP: 0-280mmHg (0-37.3kPa)
  • Cuff pressure range:  0-299mmHg (0-39.86kPa)
  • Pluse: 40-199beats/min
  • Accuracy: Pressure ±3mmHg (0.4kPa)/Pluse ±5% of the reading
  • Automatically power off : 30 seconds
  • Product net weight : 241G
 Product Includes
  1. Blood Pressure  Monitor
  2. Cable
  3. Manual


  1. Warning
  • Not suitable for neonatal and infants
  • Not suitable for pregnant patient
  • Use of this instrument on patients under dialysis therapy or on anticoagulant, antiplatelets, or steroids could cause internal bleeding.

Important Information on Blood Pressure and its Measurement

  1. How does high or low blood pressure arise?

  • Your level of blood pressure is determined in the circulatory center of the brain and adjusts to a variety of the situations through feedback from the nervous system. To adjust blood pressure, the strength and speed of the heart (Pulse), as well as width of circulatory blood vessels is altered. Blood vessel width is controlled by fine muscles in the blood vessel walls.
  • Your level of arterial pressure changes period during heart activity: During the "blood ejection" (Systole) the value is highest (systolic blood pressure value). At the end of the heart's "rest period" (Diastole) pressure is lowest (diastolic blood pressure value).
  • Blood pressure values must lie within certain normal ranges in order to prevent particular diseases.



Parcel Infomation
  • Dimension (LxWxH) : 18.5CM x 12.5CM x 7.8CM
  • Weight : 460g
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty for manufacturing defects on device. Please return any defective product in original packaging (full complete set) with official receipt. Other Terms and Conditions apply without prior notice from Basic-Online.

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